ACE FM Company Background:

Our Company was founded in 2005 to provide Facilities Managers access to hands-on assistance in all engineering aspects of Facilities Management. We focus on those areas of management that are the most demanding on the Facility Manager or Engineer's time. Specialising in facilities management, healthcare and hospitals, maintenance computing systems, & providing the facility manager access to independent & unbiased consulting engineer expertise, thus freeing up the FM's time.

With 30 year's experience in the health care industry we understand the pressures of trying to manage all aspects of all things with limited resources. Time and again we see the physical evidence, and the dangers, of relying on the information provided by self-interested parties or allowing contractors to be unsupervised due to time constraints.

Now trading as ACE FM, we have evolved to serve the needs of hospitals, aged care facilities, universities and other campuses, and also small concerns where the facilities management team numbers only a few individuals. Especially providing engineering support to non-engineering based facility managers. » We are well trained, well qualified and well-versed in all aspects of facilities management techniques. Whether you are over-stretched and need additional resources or whether you just need engineering expertise, » allow us to provide you with our services and see the difference we can make.